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Mongoloid Mongoloid

"Mongoloid fed a full dose of animated avant-garde and transformed the cavern of nonconformists into a full-blown concert hall."
- San Francisco Examiner

"A true-to-life Devo cover band...following Devo's self-invented musical philosophy of De-Evolution."
- SF Weekly

"A to-a-T homage to Devo. Mongoloid is your optimum post-Orwellian music dispersal unit."

"'Whip-it' with amazing accuracy."
- L.A. Weekly

"Mongoloid has perfected its songs and stage presence"
-SF Weekly, Wammies '99, Local Music Awards

"The most fun band was undoubtedly the San Francisco Devo tribute Mongoloid"
- Russ Forster, maker of documentary film, "Tributary" http://www.tabletnewspaper.com/vol2iss_28/arts/russforster.htm

Exerpts from the Sept. 1999 Flipside interview with

"They started making anti-rock when it was true
heresy...They were punk before punk."

"In the early 80's, just as my fanaticism peaked, Devo
just petered out. I guess I hadn't quite comprehended
the concept of de-evolution because I still had this
notion of evolutionary progression and waited in vain
for other bands to fill the gap. Well, that gaping
hole is still there. So as early as the late 80's I
had this concept of a Devo clone band, a sort of
"Devo-mania" for fellow enthusiasts and greenhorns
alike...But it took a long time to pull off. Try
finding four musicians to wear diapers on stage!"




"Some day people will finally get bored with unshaven
bands in blue jeans and demand to be truely

"Devo was a package, a frenetic mind-boggling
sensory-overload experience. That's what I want to
bring to people"